[Newsletter Cristal]: March Edition


At Cristal Group International USA, located in the heart of Miami, we pride ourselves on turning a simple name into a wealth of information. Through our specialized services in Credit Reporting, Business Intelligence and Compliance, we equip our clients with the tools needed to confidently navigate the complex international business landscape.


Cristal Group International Africa positions itself at the forefront of data analysis by structuring those data to optimize work processes (…). Our expertise continues to develop in the Fintech sector, where we offer tailor-made studies to support innovative companies in their growth (…).
Although based in Africa (Ivory Coast), our proficiency and collaborations extend primarily outside these borders, reflecting our ability to serve innovative businesses on a global scale (…)”.

–   Mrs. Lika Doukoure
Managing Director – Cristal Group International Africa

“At Cristal Group International, with more than 25 years of expertise in data collection and analysis, we understand the crucial importance of complete and reliable information (…). This is why we strategically integrate OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) and HUMINT (HUMan INTelligence) information sources to enrich the quality of our reports (…). Our approach is based on the synergy between the vast expanse of publicly available data and the unique insight that only human contact can provide (…).

Thanks to our global network of experts, present across the globe (Asia, Africa, Americas, Caribbean), and our team, we are able to conduct in-depth investigations and provide our clients with tailor-made analyzes (…). The alliance of OSINTand HUMINT is at the heart of our approach, guaranteeing reports of unparalleled richness and precision, to inform our clients’ most strategic decisions(…)“.

–   Word of Cristal Group International

ODNI releases new open-source intelligence strategy with limited details – 11/03/24
“OSINT, or intelligence derived exclusively from publicly or commercially available information that addresses specific intelligence priorities, requirements, or gaps, is vital to the IC’s [intelligence community’s] mission, providing unique intelligence value and enabling all other intelligence collection disciplines,” the new ODNI report said.
341st Military Intelligence Battalion (Linguist) Human Intelligence Collector (HUMINT) Training – 10/01/24
Quinby is just one of the human intelligence collectors from Alpha and Bravo Companies, 341st Military Intelligence Battalion, who took part in a field training exercise at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. during January inactive duty training. Those who participated tested their collection, interrogation and debriefing skills. 
Crowdsourced Data vs. Traditional Human Intelligence (HUMINT) – 05/01/24
The convergence of aggregated human collaboration, technology, and data holds the potential to redefine our understanding and responses to complex challenges. The continued evolution of crowdsourced data platforms promises a future where information gathering is not just efficient but also ethically responsible and dynamically responsive to the ever-changing demands of decision making in the modern world.

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