Cybersecurity Strategic Advisory


  • Develop or improve your digital transition strategies
  • Comply with contractual and regulatory requirements
  • Enhance the culture of cybersecurity within your organization


Safety Charter

Definition of rules for the protection of information assets aimed at empowering your staff

Drafting of "ISSP"

Drafting of IS security policies, a reference document organizing the security and resilience of your IS

Risk Analysis

Analysis of your digital risks according to EBIOS / FEROS standards

GDPR Conformity

Assistance in making your information system comply with the GDPR

Awareness / Training

Training your staff in cyber risks management and best cybersecurity practices

Cybersecurity Strategy Consulting

Build a safe digital environment

case study

Example of a mission we conducted



A major European group suspected cyber spying attempts on a highly sensitive project. CGI led a thorough analysis of the relevant IT infrastructure and software and helped build a secured environment and communication system among all the people involved in the project.


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