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Compliance - Americas

We are dedicated to supporting your efforts to act responsibly.
Our compliance products exist to meet your needs for information in order to enable you to comply with international and national/local laws, rules and regulations when operating your business


A consolidated check of the main Sanctions Lists worldwide:
• OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List (USA)
• OFSI – HMT Financial Sanctions List (UK)
• United Nations Sanctions List (UN)
• SECO Sanction List (CH)
• Financial Sanctions List (EU)
• World Bank - Ineligible Firms and Individuals List
• Interpol Wanted List

Blacklists Check​

International Sanction Lists Check

A national screening of both past and present directorships of a designated private individual. Search is nominative. Details vary between countries.

Directorship Check

To assess any potential risks and to allow an employer to identify any possible conflict of interest.

A national screening of civil, criminal, bankruptcy and winding-up judgments or proceedings listed involving or just mentioning a designated company or private individual. The search is nominative. The types of courts consulted, and availability of records vary between jurisdictions.

Litigation Check

To identify all legal/judiciary actions pertaining to a company or a private individual.

To fully and clearly ascertain with whom you are doing business and, as the case may be, determine any possible risks to which you may be exposing yourselves. A keyword screening and cross-checking strictly based on open sources and media search, gathering all elements of alert and potential red flags involving a designated company or private individual. The search could be in different languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian & Arabic) depending on the location of the Subject and the needs of the client.

Red Flags Check

To fully and clearly ascertain with whom you are doing business

To collect all noteworthy positive and negative information on a company or a private individual accessible in the media. A nominative screening displaying all press articles and media content (mass, specialized, traditional, alternate, social media supports) mentioning a designated company or private individual. The search report may be in different languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian & Arabic) depending on the location of the subject and the needs of the client.

Media Check​

Press Review / Media Check​

Copies of Articles of Incorporation, of Certificate of Incorporation or of Good Standing, Official Extracts from local authorities (company registries, Tax authorities) displaying the most up-to-date official information on a private company, as its legal address, its directors, its capital, etc., offshore jurisdictions included.

Corporate Documentation

To ascertain a company’s proper incorporation or good standing, and to secure its official corporate information.

Depending on the jurisdiction, a property search by name or by address to verify property ownership in a designated area. Property details and/or deeds will depend on the authorized access to the information and on local laws, rules and regulations.

Cadastral Search (Land Survey)

To confirm property ownership

A multiple-source report based on standard compliance requirements complemented by a summary analysis by of risk assessment professional.

KYC Corporate Report

To verify standard compliance requirements

A scalable report providing detailed information on a company’s incorporation, executive directors, shareholding structure, activity, clients and providers, financial results, banking relationships, legal records, elements of alerts and media search.

Comprehensive Corporate Report

To issue a thorough risk review on an existing or potential business partner

An on-site visit to an assigned address will be conducted by one of our local agents in order to confirm that the subject company is located and operating at the declared address. Our report may also include external photographs of the premises supported by a short visit report of the agent.

Address & Activity Check

To confirm the physical location and current business operations of a company.

A scheduled visit by one of our agents, with the company’s full approval and cooperation, in order to interview the management, and to take on-site photographs as may be permitted.

On-Site Contact

To secure detailed, first-hand information from a company on specific aspects of their business activity – as may be required.

A public and/or private database search to retrieve the residential address (for an individual) or the registered address/address of operations (for a company).

Address Tracing

To verify the address on record of a company or of a private individual.
Compliance - Americas

Protect your organization and your business in full transparency


Sampling of missions we conducted



A North American hotel management corporation engaged in negotiations for the acquisition of a multi-island boutique resort company in the South Pacific, called upon Cristal Group International to perform an in-depth due diligence on the European owner and founder.

This mission also addressed reported controversies pertaining to estate inheritance, land ownership, environmental and local political issues.



A leading European company in a niche sector of the food industry faced with a change of local shareholders in their Russian subsidiary requested a detailed personal research on the proposed new investors, with a specific focus on any close business and/or political ties that could impact of the group’s compliance policy.



A UK-based corporation planning on acquiring a controlling stake in a Caribbean-based mining venture, commissioned Cristal Group International to conduct a thorough assessment of the ownership history as well as of the past and present modus operandi of that company.

This was coupled with an investigation into the country’s mining sector with a specific emphasis on government arbitrary, interference and corruption.

In addition, all risks linked to environmental advocacy were duly analyzed.

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